Do you capture footage of the bride and groom getting ready?

Short answer - yes. Typically, a 6-hour package allows us to capture some pre-wedding video, but it all depends on your timeline and schedule for the day. If your timeline is a little longer, you can always add an hour or two of coverage time to ensure that your entire wedding day experience is documented.

How do you set up during the ceremony?

We use 3 cameras during your wedding ceremony. Usually, we set up 1 stand-alone camera in the back, while our 2 videographers flank each side of the guest seating area with the other 2 cameras. This allows us to capture 3 unique angles to use during editing. 

Do you capture audio of the ceremony?

Yes. We place a lapel microphone on the groom to capture his vows and the bride's vows. This audio feeds directly into our camera. If a sound system is being used for officiant/music/etc. we will also plug an audio recorder into the sound board to capture anything going through the system. 

Do you work well with photographers? 

Yes! Photographers are our counterparts. We believe a team approach is best, and will work together to capture everything you need and make sure we are good stewards of your time on your wedding day. 

Do you eat at the reception?

Yes, please! We've found the best time for this is when the bride and groom are also eating. This allows our team to not miss anything important. Plus, most brides and grooms don't like to be recorded while they're eating! Weird! 

How do I receive my wedding video? 

When your highlight video is completed, it will be uploaded to our Vimeo account and we will send you a link. You can share your video on Facebook or wherever you'd like. When your full-length edit is complete, we will mail it, along with your highlight video, on a USB thumb drive to you.

How long does it take to receive my wedding video?

Typically, 3-5 months. Regardless, we will keep you updated on our progress. Remember - all good things are worth waiting for!

What type of payments do you accept?

Cash, check, or money order.