meet our team!

  • MORGAN CROUCH / Videographer & eDITOR

    Morgan thinks the little moments are just as extraordinary as the big ones. Your wedding day is filled with both, and it's an honor for her to be a part of documenting it. Morgan can usually be found at home with her husband and two little girls, sipping coffee, crafting lots of things and wishing time would slow down just a little bit.

  • gretchen allie / videographer

    Gretchen is in her 4th year as a videographer for OLM. Her fun personality makes her a joy to work with, and she is dedicated to capturing the best shots possible for every wedding couple. When she's not behind a camera, Gretchen is busy making a difference in the lives of kids and teenagers in Northeast Tennessee through a local non-profit called LXI. If her personality doesn't rope you in, her smile definitely will.

  • Zach Brown / VIDEOGRAPHER

    Zach believes that weddings are a story within a story. Laid back and easy going, he wants to be able to join you in sharing and telling the story of the greatest day of your life. Also, he is tall.

  • Will morris / Videographer & Editor

    Will started his video career shooting as a news videographer and is now enjoying more creative storytelling through video. He is a hard worker and doesn't quit until the project is perfect. Will and his wife love to defeat one another in Scrabble while watching The Office and Parks & Recreation.